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We often hear the question from clients and potential clients, “what’s the ROI of a logo design?” We thought, today we’d explore the significance of your logo and more importantly, your brand and help you determine if the investment is just that an investment or a waste.

A logo isn’t simply an image; it’s the cornerstone of your brand identity that has impact on your audience and says to them, “Yeah, I want to do business with them.”

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Understanding the return on investment (ROI) for such a crucial aspect of your business is essential, not just for the immediate impression it creates, but for the long-term value it adds to your business.


Your logo is part of your first impression. What is yours saying?


Logo Design ROI

A well-crafted logo does much more than simply look good; it plays a key role in building brand recognition and establishing trust within your audience.

Imagine pulling up a local HVAC website on your phone and needing the service immediately. You’d see 3-4 options and have to make a gut choice about which website to open. Your eye is going to drive you to open the most trustworthy logo to do more research.

The investment in logo design goes beyond the cost, it’s about the tangible value (leads, profits) and intangible (feelings, brand recognition) benefits that significantly influence a business’s success. However, measuring the ROI of a logo design can be a complex process, as it encompasses both direct and indirect impacts on your brand.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was a simple equation?

Investing in your business

Direct Benefits of Investing in a Logo Design

#1 Brand Recognition

A distinctive logo and brand ensures your business is easily identified, helping to increase visibility and customer engagement. Look at our HVAC example above. DEAN’S is undeniably more memorable and distinctive than some of the others in the graphic. They are getting the lead.

#2 Competitive Edge

In terms of getting the lead, you’ll get an edge with an investment in a logo design with Finn & Gray. A compelling brand design can set your company apart, offering a unique identity in a saturated market. And most markets are saturated, so you’ll need distinctive brand assets that can help you leave a lasting impression.

#3 Marketing Effectiveness

A compelling brand identity enhances all marketing materials, providing a cohesive brand image that resonates with consumers.

Additionally, the efficiency and time benefits are significant. With a design system in place, you can produce social, email, video, and photo content more quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need to start from scratch with each project.

Indirect Benefits That Matter

#1 Trust and Brand Loyalty

A logo symbolizes the brand’s promise and values, fostering a sense of trust and loyalty among customers. Suppose your logo appears as though it was crafted using basic tools like Word or PowerPoint. In that case, it may be time to seriously evaluate your brand by getting feedback from your immediate circle.

#2 Brand Experience

Beyond a visual mark, a logo represents the brand’s entire experience, influencing perceptions and expectations.

#3 Audience Connection

When you have established the brand strategy prior to the design phase in a brand project, you’ll get a logo that connects. And that cannot be undervalued! A solidly designed brand reinforces the emotional connection and brand affinity.

Should I invest in a logo design?

Yes, in today’s world, if you are starting a business, you need a logo and more importantly, a brand. You need an aesthetically appropriate logo design that attracts your core audience.

Why Finn & Gray should design your logo and brand?

  1. Investing in Quality: Opting for the Finn & Gray brand package ensures a strategic approach to logo design ROI, aligning it with your overall brand identity and marketing.
  2. Consistency Across Channels: Implementing the brand (logos, colors, fonts) consistently across all touchpoints reinforces brand recognition and loyalty, amplifying the ROI.
  3. Adaptability and Feedback: Keeping your brand dynamic and responsive to market trends and customer feedback is crucial. The Finn & Gray Trifecta package is designed to evolve with your brand, ensuring long-term relevance and connection.

How do I know the ROI of my logo design?

There are a few ways for you to get a rough idea of your investment and I mean it when I say “rough.” Assessing a logo design’s ROI is more difficult than how many dollars are sold post-launch. It has more to do with trust, emotion, and overall appeal. But many want to try to quantify it.

When assessing the ROI of a rebrand, including a logo redesign, it’s essential to distinguish between immediate gains and enduring benefits.

Immediately after (~3 weeks post launch)

  1. Social Engagement Increase: (Post-Rebrand Social Mentions – Pre-Rebrand Social Mentions) / Pre-Rebrand Social Mentions * 100%
  2. Website Traffic Growth: (Post-Rebrand Website Visitors – Pre-Rebrand Website Visitors) / Pre-Rebrand Website Visitors * 100%
  3. Conversion Rate Improvement: (Post-Rebrand Conversion Rate – Pre-Rebrand Conversion Rate) / Pre-Rebrand Conversion Rate * 100%

Enduring (6+ months post-launch)

  1. Net Promoter Score (NPS) Improvement: (Post-Rebrand NPS – Pre-Rebrand NPS) / Pre-Rebrand NPS * 100% – [what is NPS]
  2. Churn Rate Reduction: (Pre-Rebrand Churn Rate – Post-Rebrand Churn Rate) / Pre-Rebrand Churn Rate * 100%

Remember, a successful logo design or rebrand goes beyond the visual updates, it creates a deeper connection with both external and internal audiences and paves the way for growth.

The ROI of a logo design encompasses far more than the initial investment, impacting brand recognition, customer loyalty, and competitive positioning. Finn & Gray’s strategic approach ensures that your logo acts as a powerful influencer for your brand, driving measurable results and leaving a mark on your audience.

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