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We are fun to work with, just ask any of our clients…and our 9.8 net promoter score.

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Other agencies have multiple teams working on your creative. When you work with Finn & Gray you get Ami and Amanda. And our unique style and perspective.


Frequently asked questions

Other than because we’re Midwest nice and fun, we also have 20+ years of award-winning experience that has brought our clients remarkable results, some doubling or tripling their revenue after their design and brand experience with us. At the end of the day, we LOVE what we do and are passionate about transforming businesses into brands with bold personality!
Yes, we do! We can discuss all the details during our intro conversation.
We’re all about bringing your design visions to life in the most vibrant way possible. While we rock the design, we know it takes a bit more to get your brand over the finish line. That’s where our partners come in.

We’ve teamed up with some amazing talents in SEO, copywriting, and even video and photo shoots to make sure your project has all it needs – from start to finish. And the best part? This collaboration keeps things affordable while ensuring your project is nothing short of spectacular. So, let’s make something awesome together!

We understand that time is of the essence, and the pace of your project is important. While our project timelines are designed to ensure attention to detail and the highest quality outcome, we also recognize the need for flexibility. On average, you can expect branding & logo projects to be complete in 4-6 weeks, website design & development to span 6-8 weeks, and our comprehensive branding suite, The F&G Trifecta, to finish within 6-12 weeks.

We’re committed to meeting your deadlines and can usually accommodate tighter schedules. If you need things, like yesterday, we offer rush services for a fee, giving it priority while maintaining our standard of excellence. Let’s discuss how we can meet your timing needs without compromising quality.

We’re all about transparency, but because each project is custom, we quote it that way. Our prices reflect our commitment to custom work and elevating your brand. To find the right package for you, we recommend a quick call with our team. If you’re in the info gathering stage, which we completely understand, please note that our projects begin at a minimum investment of $3,000.This is our starting point, but smaller projects that follow may cost less. Of course, there are exceptions to this so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

At Finn & Gray, we offer a suite of services tailored to bring your brand’s vision to life, ensuring it resonates with your target audience and stands out in today’s competitive market. Our expertise spans several key areas:

Logo Design: Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity – it’s your business’s face to the world. Our team dives deep into the essence of your brand, crafting logos that are not only memorable but also perfectly encapsulate your business values, personality, and objectives.

Websites: Your website is often your first point of contact with potential customers. We specialize in creating bespoke websites that are not only visually striking but also user-friendly, responsive, and optimized for search engines. Whether you’re looking for an informative site or a complex e-commerce platform, we’ve got you covered.

Professional Photography: Our professional photography services ensure your products, services, and team are presented in the best light possible, creating a compelling visual narrative that speaks to your audience.

TRIFECTA: For those seeking a complete brand or rebrand overhaul, our TRIFECTA package is the ultimate solution. This comprehensive package combines logo design, website creation, and professional photography into a cohesive brand makeover, ensuring every element from visuals to messaging aligns perfectly with your brand strategy and goals.

By entrusting your brand’s journey to Finn & Gray, you’re not just getting a service; you’re embarking on a collaborative adventure towards distinction and excellence. We’re passionate about bringing brands to life and watching them thrive. Let’s create something extraordinary together.