FRISKA - Your enzyme powered lifehack

The one supplement to rule all supplements


Direct to Consumer, eCommerce


The Client

FRISKA is a 3-in-1 supplement combining the super powers of enzymes, probiotics, and botanicals to support a healthy lifestyle.

The Challenge

In the vast world of wellness supplements, our client FRISKA faced a unique challenge – standing out in a market saturated with promises of health miracles. With a fantastic product in hand, they were wanted to catapult their new product into the digital marketplace and inside CVS Stores and Target.

Engaging a skeptical audience
Savvy women, juggling professional responsibilities and personal wellness, are discerning customers. They needed convincing that FRISKA wasn’t just a health fad but a perfect solution to blend into their busy lives. With probiotics, enzymes and various botanical blends, how can you say no? 

Our Solution

Collaborating with the FRISKA team and other partners, Finn & Gray dove deep into the brand’s essence, understanding the needs, aspirations, and language of the target audience. The messaging was casual, fun, and authentic. We ditched the jargon and embraced a conversational tone that resonated with our audience.

The result? A vibrant, relatable brand identity that spoke directly to the hearts of our audience, designed by the talented Sally Clarke. Photography and web presence followed with constant updates on the social channels to keep brand awareness up for launch.


No more food fights

FRISKA was built to stand out in a crowded space and focus on the incredible benefits of probiotics with the added enzyme to differeniate.

We injected a dose of fun into every pixel, making sure FRISKA’s brand personality shined through. From playful emojis that speak the perfect millennial language to an easy-to-navigate layout that feels like a breeze, we transformed the complex world of health information into a delightful journey. 

minneapolis website design shopify for friska

Design is intentionally involved in every detail of the FRISKA brand in order to connect with the consumer.

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Behind the Scenes

The results

FRISKA’s launch became nothing short of a triumph. Our collaborative approach and bright creative created an enticing product moment, transforming it from a mere supplement into a lifestyle sensation. Landing on the CVS (and later Target) shelves, was a pivotal move in launching this supplement brand. FRISKA’s success is not just about selling a product; it’s about creating an experience, and we’re proud to have played a pivotal role in making it happen.

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