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We were an in-house team before a creative agency so you get the best of both worlds. Senior level designers + impressive list of capabilities = quick creative output and happy bosses.

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Stop paying for idle design hours

Bringing an in-house creative team on board can quickly become a costly affair. The dream of finding a unicorn who excels in every creative facet may be tempting, but let’s face it—it’s an impractical expectation. Your brand deserves a team that immerses itself in your brand and story, diligently creating useful deliverables to propel your business forward.

  • Hiring is expensive, on average, $4k to find and keep talent
  • We meet deadlines to keep projects on track
  • Access to a senior-level team for a fraction of the cost
  • Flexible options for growing businesses

Who is this for?

Small to medium sized businesses who want and desire a reliable source for their creative strategy and output, as well as marketing managers who are stretched too thin (you know who you are). We are here to be your trusted ally.



Faster delivery of design assets and quicker than in-house teams



Estimated savings on creative production vs. hiring two in-house senior-level designers 



More than production design, we’re a collaborative partner who comes with creative ideas and input alongside your team.

What we do

Discover the capability of having Finn & Gray’s design team by your side—consistency, quality, and results-driven creativity, all in one package.

Branding Services

Whether you need a new, modernized brand refresh or a team that will follow your current style guide, trust your brand’s visual narrative to our design expertise. 

Web Design

Elevate your online presence. From wireframes to live sites, we can help build full websites, landing pages, and blog posts that connect, captivate, and convert. 

Social Media Creative

From eye-catching posts to scroll-stopping Instagram reels and TikTok’s, our content enhances engagement and showcase your brand’s personality.

Ad Creative

Get the clicks! We craft your campaigns with click-worthy ad creative – static or motion. We enhance your online presence and drive results.

Packaging Design

Our seamless blend of form + function enhances your product’s visibility on shelves and online, making add-to-cart inevitable.

eBook and Reports

Get the leads you need with our eBooks designed to help your company stand apart as the leader in the space.

Pitch Decks and Presentations

Command attention (and investment) with captivating pitch decks. Our presentation design ensures your message is delivered with impact, leaving a lasting impression.

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Capture your brand’s essence with our in-house photography expertise. We bring your products and services to life, creating visuals that tell your unique story.


Say goodbye to boring headshots (unless that’s your thing). Our aim is to capture both your brand and your personality in a headshot you’re proud to share.


Tell your story through captivating video – short or long form. Our video expertise adds a compelling and engaging touch to your brand’s storytelling.

Campaign Concepts

Craft winning campaigns with our creative expertise. We conceptualize ideas that resonate and drive results for your brand.


Wear your brand proudly with our custom merch and swag designs. We turn your vision into wearable art, creating swag that looks good and boosts your brand.

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Print Design

From business cards to postcards to flyers to posters, our team creates custom printed materials to maintain your brand consistently.

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Tradeshow Booth and Banners

Elevate your conference experience. Our design team creates impactful visuals, making your event memorable and visually stunning.

Environment Design

Shape immersive brand environments. Our design expertise transforms spaces, creating memorable brand experiences that resonate.

Email Design

Foster engagement, generate sales, and improve open rates with our design and subject line brainstorming.

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Creative Strategy

We go above and beyond the mere deliverable. We ensure every piece not only looks good but strategically aligns with your unique business goals, story, and look.

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We understand how to transform complex data into visually engaging graphics that are digestible, creative, and shareable.

"These turned out amazing. You two are SO talented and I’m for real blown away by this library! I’m soooo excited to use these!"

Courtney McNamee



Exceeding expectations during every project.

What sets Finn and Gray apart is their unparalleled creativity. They don’t just think outside the box; they redefine it. Every campaign is thought through, tailored to resonate deeply with the target audience while pushing the boundaries of conventional design. Their portfolio is a testament to the agency’s ability to not only meet but exceed expectations with each project.

-Zac Twight
VP, Surewerx


What's the process?


Frequently asked questions

Other than because we’re Midwest nice and fun, we also have 20+ years of award-winning experience that has brought our clients remarkable results, some doubling or tripling their revenue after their design and brand experience with us. At the end of the day, we LOVE what we do and are passionate about transforming businesses into brands with bold personality!

Some capabilities don’t fall within any retainer, however, and we want to be fully transparent of what and why. 

Projects like a full production video or photoshoot where we need to hire a production team to meet the job requirements may fall outside of our scope of monthly work. Also, any outside resources used to complete projects, such as copywriting, SEO specialists, or website development. We are fully capable of working with your other vendors and happy to collaborate.

Our starting point is a 20-hour commitment from our team. We see most of our clients opting for between 20 to 40 hours. Why, you ask? Because we pack those hours with nothing but solid, focused work. In-house teams often get bogged down with meetings, routine tasks, and administrative overhead never being able to give their full creative attention (we’ve been there, we get it). Plus, we’re in it for the long haul with a minimum six-month commitment, ensuring we’re fully aligned with your vision every step of the way.

We strive to complete requests as quickly as possible to ensure client satisfation without the quality suffering. Turnaround time ultimately depends on the complexity of the request as well as our project workload at the time.

Yes. But of course we would say that.

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