Giving Goldpaw the bright and vibrant brand they needed


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The Client

Goldpaw is a top-quality dog apparel and gear company based in Minnesota. Goldpaw is the standard for functional pet wear and we are honored to work with this female-founded company.

The Challenge

Goldpaw faced a significant challenge: the marketing and visual efforts were all over the board. This lack of consistency led to a diluted brand identity, causing confusion among potential customers and diminishing the brand’s overall market impact. Goldpaw sought a solution to unify its branding and streamline its marketing so they could remerge the obvious choice.

Our Solution

The brand refresh and new marketing strategies have significantly impacted Goldpaw’s market presence. Post-refresh, Goldpaw reported a 25% increase in customer engagement and a 30% rise in sales, particularly noted during trade show events.

Goldpaw Brand Refresh

Through these strategic updates, the brand refresh for Goldpaw was not just about changing visuals but creating a cohesive and memorable brand experience that customers would recognize and remember across all interactions. We developed an eye-catching color palette, established brand fonts, and created brand marks to make a stronger impression.

Brand Photography

Refreshing Goldpaw’s brand wasn’t just for looks, we hit upon something vital: the power of personal touch. It’s all about building trust and forming a real connection with the folks who love what you do. So, what did we do? We brought the team into the spotlight. With professional team photos and headshots, we gave Goldpaw a friendly face, making the brand not just seen, but truly approachable.

“Working with Finn & Gray is an INCREDIBLE experience for our brand. They not only captured the essence of our identity through stunning photography and a captivating brand video but also elevated our online presence with engaging social content. The seamless rebranding process left us not just satisfied, but truly elated with the results.”


Owner, Goldpaw

Goldpaw Catalog & Marketing Materials

Our team produced a suite of new marketing materials, including catalogs, digital content, social media templates, and digital content, all aligned with the new brand identity to ensure consistency and recognition across all customer touchpoints. While at that, we designed Goldpaw’s product catalog, emphasizing high-quality product images and clear, engaging descriptions to showcase the brand’s range and quality effectively.


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