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Every client gets the a-team with Ami & Amanda. We always have your back and will help your business succeed. ​

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Our creative doesn’t just connect with your customer. It converts.

We believe that you don't have to choose between quality or effective creative expressions. You might have an idea you want to turn into reality. Maybe you want to grow an existing business. Whatever your goal may be, we are ready to translate your brand into an aesthetically relevant story that your audience can't wait to unfold. 

Creative & Curious

The way we design is unlike any other. We ask questions, solve problems, and get creative (even if that means getting uncomfortable).

Quality & Competent

We don’t present anything we don’t love ourselves. From every color tone to every angle, we meticulously craft each element.

Bold & Balanced

We believe in being bold, coloring outside the lines and taking creative chances. Because that’s how the magic happens!



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About Us

We are glass half full, crazy creative, ideas-in-the-middle-of-the-night, help-out-and-high-five-your-neighbor type people.

A Minnesota creative design studio focusing on creating memorable brand identities, fresh web design, and striking photography. Co-workers turned co-owners, we worked side-by-side for seven years in our corporate jobs which lead us down many magical business paths, ultimately landing us here, where we feel most alive and inspired. Welcome to a new kind of creative agency. The kind you'd actually like grabbing a coffee ☕ or cocktail 🥂 with. 

Meet Ami

Hi, I’m ami (with an “I”), lover of vizslas and soon-to-be-owned by two, one velcro’d to each hip. I’m a 16 year, 24-hour-a-day designer + photographer, finding beauty in the mundane since 2003. The best days start with coffee and end with cabernet, preferably on the patio. I recharge when I’m cozy at home, but exploring new places makes me feel alive + inspired. In another life, I will live in NYC or Hawaii, but for this one I’ve been given, Minnesota is my home. My seven year old daughter has basically surpassed me with pop culture references (thanks, tiktok), but my hubby still doesn’t know who most celebrities are, so I’m doing ok. 😉 Forever an Enneagram 9, I like to go with the flow and prefer not to overcomplicate things. The ying to Amanda's yang. I can’t wait to collaborate with you on design and photography, or if you just want to share cute vizsla photos and a bottle of wine, I’m game for that too.

Meet Amanda

I may be based in St. Paul but my heart is global. I love to travel and see the world. I find true inspiration in my travels to new and unique spots where I wander the streets, dive into local adventures, and see what they have to offer. A tee-shirt and jeans girl myself, I find relaxing with a cup of coffee and my Real Simple to be true pleasure as my daughter tries to get me to play Barbies. My husband has turned me into a sci-fi nerd but my heart still lies with Harry Potter. I am the web nerd over here, constantly trying to impress myself by learning new and cool CSS tricks while simultaneously learning how to edit together a video in software I've never used. I’ve been designing for over 6 years and before that, I led content creation for an in-house marketing team. I left that all behind when ami and I turned from co-workers to co-founders. 

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