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Finn & Gray boosts businesses with bold, eye-catching creative solutions, making sure your brand stands out and sticks in people’s minds.

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Bright & Bold

Our designs are all about being bright and bold, making a statement that really grabs people’s attention. We love using vibrant colors and striking graphics to create a visually exciting experience. Our goal is to bring our clients’ vision to life with that unexpected twist. Bottom line, we want to create designs that leave a lasting impression and make people remember your brand.

Handcrafted Happiness

We design with happiness in mind, working with happy brands to create positive experiences that resonate with their audience. We use playful illustrations, bright colors, and other elements that evoke joy and delight, with the goal of making people feel good. Happy clients make us happy too!

Curious Creativity

We have a deep curiosity about the brands we work with, which fuels our creativity and drives us to create the most innovative designs possible. By digging deep into our clients’ brand identity, values, and target audience, we can create a unique and compelling design that truly captures their essence. Our curiosity about our clients’ brands is what sets us apart and allows us to create designs that are beautiful and effective in achieving their goals.

Every client gets the A-team with Ami & Amanda

Finn & Gray is built to save you money. We’re a team of brand builders who work hands-on on every project and use our expansive network of specialists to assemble the perfect team for every project.

Ami Kochendorfer headshot

ami kochendorfer


Ami is a creative through and through. No matter what the request, she makes it shine with strategic and beautiful design. With a background in brand identity and photography, she unlocks a holistic concept of any brand. If that doesn’t impress, her vast knowledge of Vizslas will.

Amanda Nagy

amanda nagy


Amanda is a multifaceted creative force and designer, serving as our in-house web specialist. Beyond her primary role, Amanda is an avid photographer, often experimenting with video. She will also talk your ear off about coffee, the best old fashioned in Minneapolis, or traveling to new places.

What we do

We transform businesses into brands with our core services: Logo Design, Photography, and Websites

We analyze your brand’s vision, values, target audience, and goals to create compelling brand logos and marks that build trust with your desired customers.

Our in-house photographers and video producers create custom visuals and get the best shots that really bring your brand over the finish line.

We blend creativity and beautiful design with functionality to bring your website to life and convert leads to sales.



Award-Winning Minnesota Branding Agency


Help-out-and-high-five-your-neighbor type people

We are driven by a relentless passion for vibrant and distinctive design, evident in our commitment to crafting extraordinary brands and delivering scroll-stopping, eye-catching visual experiences for our clients.

Collaboration is more than a value; it’s our way of life. We embrace a culture of teamwork and support, fostering an environment of openness, excitement, and positivity.

Excellence is at the core of everything we do. Our commitment to excellence, even in the subjective realm of creativity, underscores our dedication to consistently delivering top-tier design solutions.

By focusing on long-term partnerships rather than short-term gains, Finn & Gray demonstrates a commitment to its clients’ ongoing success, fostering a deeper level of trust.


I had no idea how important branding was until I was this many years old.

WOW! You guys blow me away. This is more than I anticipated or could have asked for.  Have I expressed just how grateful I am?! Thank you just doesn’t feel profound enough!! You guys have brought my business to life. I can’t wait to recommend Finn & Gray to everyone who needs a logo design or a rebrand. Thank you.

-Megan Peterson, Trifecta client
Megan Marie Organizing


Current & Former Clients


Where did the name Finn & Gray come from?

Finn & Gray was created and derived from our daughters, Finley and Grace. We, like most businesses, had 200+ name ideas to start, but when we came up with Finn & Gray, it just fit. 

We want them to know that no matter their dreams, if they put in the work and have grit, they can achieve anything.

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