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Turning the idea of Sunday dinner into an experience at a local eatery


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The Client

Ernie’s Eatery is a concept brand and restaurant located in Hallock, inspired by the owner’s grandfather, Ernie. Designed to be a tribute to his passions for curling and gardening, the establishment aims to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. It seeks to become a local hub where both residents and visitors can enjoy good food, drinks, and community spirit.

The Challenge

The challenge was simple. Finn & Gray would each take a shot individually crafting a logo for Ernie’s and document the process to share with their instagram community. The end result was a brand that looked so real, hometown locals were reaching out to the team asking when it would open… by the way the brand design is free to anyone who opens Ernie’s in Hallock!

Our Solution

  • Finn & Gray developed a comprehensive brand identity for Ernie’s Eatery, capturing the essence of its namesake’s passions and the local Hallock charm.
  • The brand identity included a custom color palette, logo, and interior/exterior design using warm earth tones and natural materials to inspire connection.
Minnesota restaurant logo design menu

Alternative logo option from the presentation of concepts for local restaurant, Ernie’s. 

If Ernie’s were to open in earnest, it would be a smash hit and the hub of the Hallock, Minnesota community. Alas this concept brand will just get to live here on Finn & Gray case studies!

Watch the video of the brand coming together >


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