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The Client

Jon Gissel, owner of Gissel Holistic Health is an acupuncture and general holistic health practitioner in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Gissel’s practice is dedicated to promoting well-being through a blend of traditional and innovative holistic approaches, targeting a diverse clientele.

The Challenge

Jon faced the challenge of modernizing his brand to appeal to a younger, wider audience without losing the essence of his holistic health philosophy. He sought to transform his clinic’s visual identity with a new logo and branding that resonated with a contemporary demographic while maintaining the serene and healing ethos of his practice.

Our Solution

  • Full brand design: Development of a fresh identity and logo that encapsulates the essence of Gissel Holistic Health.
  • Unique color palette: Adoption of a unique, poppy color scheme distinct from typical industry standards, tailored to stand out in the often gray backdrop of Seattle.
  • Marketing materials: Creation of eye-catching marketing and campaign materials designed to capture attention and communicate the clinic’s unique approach to wellness.

Refreshed Branding for Holistic Practitioner

The revitalization of Gissel Holistic Health’s branding was more than a facelift; it represented a strategic pivot to embrace a broader audience while staying true to the clinic’s core values. This shift involved a stronger understanding of the target audience and creating an environment where they felt comfortable.

Usage Recommendations

  • Simplify the visual experience: Keeping the design uncluttered allowed the brand’s message and values to shine through without overwhelming the audience.
  • Emphasize vitality and growth: The use of vibrant blue shades symbolizes health, renewal, and energy, aligning with the clinic’s holistic focus.
  • Create lasting impressions: The clean, modern look ensures that the brand remains memorable and appealing, particularly to the targeted younger demographic.


The new brand identity and clinic logo design led to an enhanced recognition of Gissel Holistic Health. Jon reported receiving numerous compliments from patients who appreciated the refreshed, modern look. The new branding effectively attracted a younger demographic, fostering a broader community connection and reinforcing the clinic’s position in Seattle’s holistic health scene.


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