Five Tactics That Minnesota Real Estate Agents Can Steal from Kris Lindahl

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Whether you love to hate his billboards or just love him, we all know him. And that’s just why we are here today. So, who better to draw inspiration from than Minnesota real estate agents, Kris Lindahl?

Side bar: Does anyone else think of David Lindhagen when they hear that name? Just me, okay?

As a real estate agent in Minnesota (any state actually), standing out is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. We’re not suggesting you start spreading your arms wide on billboards, but there are some valuable tactics we can borrow to make your brand shine bright (if not brighter) in the Minnesota market.

Let’s get started!


1. Find Your Personal Brand

Kris Lindahl didn’t just build a real estate brand; he built a personal brand within it. Having a personal stance as an agent is imperative. Crafting a cohesive brand experience is essential for making a lasting impact in the Minnesota real estate scene. To achieve this:

  • Identify Your Unique Strengths: What sets you apart? Whether it’s your love for historic homes, your knack for negotiation, or your obsession with the Koo Koo Kangroo, let your personality shine through.
  • Own your signature style: Whether it’s a catchy tagline, a unique logo, or a signature color scheme, ensure consistency across all platforms.
  • Create a unified brand experience: Develop a consistent visual identity for your brand. This includes a recognizable logo or mark, color palette, and design elements that resonate with your target audience. His color is red and his photo with arms spread is widely known. You need to repeat, repeat, repeat. And it needs to be distinctive.


2. Do more than what is expected of you

Innovate where you can and challenge the status quo. This will ensure you stand out in MN. Here are some tactics for becoming more innovative in the Minnesota market.
  • Leverage AI: Like Kris brought Amazon-like marketing to real estate, explore innovative technologies. Leverage AI for personalized client experiences, virtual tours, and advanced data analytics.
  • Consumer-centric approach: Innovate the industry in favor of the consumer. Prioritize transparency, communication, and a seamless client journey.
  • Challenge the industry. Everyone is posting on social media. How can yours be different, unique, and hook-worthy? How will you challenge the industry to stand out? Don’t limit yourself to Instagram or Facebook, where is your audience? Go there.


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3. Inject some local flavor into your brand

Minnesota has a distinct charm, and Kris Lindahl knows how to embrace it. Minnesota real estate agents can take some note from these local flavor ideas.

  • Minnesota nice: Incorporate the warmth and friendliness of “Minnesota Nice” into your communication style. Or do the opposite, like this guy. Do whatever is right for you. People demand authenticity.
  • Themed events and campaigns: Tap into local festivals or traditions. Local fairs and the state fair are opportunities to get eyes on your brand. How could you make use of that potential guerilla marketing moment?
  • Local art partnerships: Collaborate with local artists for unique visuals that showcase the artistic side of Minnesota living.


A great example of distinct charm and knowing the audience is Woods to Water Real Estate. They call out the north, the name alone is great and there is a unique vibe of outdoor charm of Northern Minnesota.


One thing I’ve learned about marketing is that it’s about being omnipresent. You’ve gotta have this takeover effect, like this person is everywhere. -Kris Lindhal


4. Leverage the Power of Social Media

The digital hub in Minnesota is top-notch! Kris Lindahl has mastered the art of technology and marketing early, turning his brand into a Minnesota sensation. Create your own by:
  • Creating engaging content: Share picturesque snapshots of your listed homes, and don’t forget to highlight the local charm with short-form video.
  • Use local hashtags: Boost your visibility with Minnesota-centric hashtags like #Minneapolis #StillwaterMN #TwinCitiesLiving.
  • Interactive posts: Engage your audience with polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions. Go live on your social of choice. Make your social media a reflection of the vibrant Minnesota community.


5. Educate and Empower Your Clients

Kris Lindahl doesn’t just sell homes; he empowers his clients with knowledge:
  • Regularly updated blog: Keep a blog section on your website with informative content about living in MN, neighborhood guides, and market updates. Need some help with that, we’ve got you covered.
  • Webinars and workshops: Host virtual events offering insights into the local market trends or first-time homebuyer guides.
  • Infographics and visual guides: Create easy-to-digest visual content for social media, breaking down complex real estate concepts.


Minnesota real estate agents are not just about transactions; you are all about creating a relationship in a community. By borrowing a page from Kris Lindahl’s playbook, you’re not just selling homes; you’re creating a narrative, weaving your repeatable brand into every single touchpoint.


And one thing we appreciate about Kris Lindahl’s approach that has nothing to do with your brand but everything to do with life is this:
Trading a work-life balance for a work-life rhythm is one of Lindahl’s biggest points. Be open to flexibility with how much, or little, you work, and what your boundaries are. If a client calls you at 5:15pm and you’re available, you can still answer even though it’s past 5. Of course, if a client calls you during hours you have set for family time or yourself, it’s important to uphold what’s fair to your values. The takeaway is to be open with yourself. Experiment with what works best for you in the rhythm of life, because it’s more than a balance.

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