11 Minnesota Home Services Brands That Are Raising The Bar

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The year-over-year search growth in “landscaping near me,” “roofing companies near me,” and “HVAC repair” is enough to make anyone stop to recognize three simple facts. There is a massive industry that is being underserved in terms of branding. Many consumers don’t have a company in mind when they run a search, meaning there is slim to zero top-of-mind awareness and this presents an amazing opportunity for the smart Minnesota home service brands to convert these searchers.

Today, we are covering 11 Minnesota home service brands that are the cream of the crop in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.


1. Headwaters Painting

Minnesota Home Service Brands - Headwaters Painting

Headwaters Painting sets the gold standard for painting services in Minnesota with their meticulous attention to detail and customer service.

  • Offers high-quality finishes that transform spaces.
  • Five stars on Google!!
  • Personal recommendation from Finn & Gray: Our direct experiences attest to their excellence and reliability.


The branding is top-notch [humble brag]. They pay it off with amazing service and quality.


2. Two Betty’s Green Cleaning

Of course, they would get the number two spot! Two Betty’s Green Cleaning has been a Twin Cities staple in providing eco-friendly cleaning services and promoting a healthier Minneapolis uses sustainable and non-toxic cleaning products.

  • Tailor cleaning services to meet individual client needs and schedules.
  • Employs a dedicated team of trained and vetted cleaning professionals.
  • Actively reduces environmental impact through green practices.


The brand is distinctive and unique, allowing them to stand out in a typically boring market. Great experience from logo to web to social media!


3. Megan Marie Organizing

Minnesota Home Service Brands - Megan Marie Organizing

Megan Marie Organizing is Minneapolis’ top professional home organizers. She clears the clutter even with her minimalist logo, transforming chaotic spaces into liveable and relaxing rooms.

  • She delivers exceptional organizing services that redefine spaces.
  • Services are considered an investment in peace and productivity.
  • Megan’s journey from nursing to professional organizing is fueled by a genuine passion for order and efficiency.
  • Personal endorsement from Finn & Gray: Her commitment and drive make her services highly recommended.


The brand looks like you want your space to feel, airy and light. We also designed Megan Marie Organizing’s logo and website with our Trifecta offering!


4. Sparkle Plenty Cleaning

Minnesota Home Service Brands - Sparkle Plenty Cleaning Website

Sparkle Plenty Cleaning shines within the Minnesota home services brands with their detailed and dependable home cleaning company located in Woodbury, MN (same!).

  • Ensures a spotless and hygienic home environment.
  • They always aim to surprise and delight at each visit (and it’s felt at every service).
  • Minnesota Best Of Award Winner Gold 2023
  • Consistently receives high praise from clients for their thoroughness, small extra touches, and professionalism.


We love the vintage vibes. A slight refresh of branding and visuals could align better with the evolving nature of the business and bring fresh eyes to Sparkle Plenty.


5. The Tare Market

The Tare Market stands out in the Minnesota market with its innovative approach to reducing household waste and promoting sustainability. And while it probably doesn’t directly go into home services, we just really wanted to spread their eco love.

  • Specializes in products and services that reduce environmental impact.
  • Provides a wide range of reusable and refillable product, zero waste focus.
  • Features products made by local Minnesota artisans like Roselines Candles.


Clean and simple brand. Enhancing online engagement through a social media challenge could further spread your zero waste movement!


6. Fox Homes

Fox Homes has established itself as a leader in Minnesota’s home services and real estate, offering comprehensive solutions from buying to renovation.

  • Not just a realty company, but a provider of complete home solutions.
  • Innovative design and renovation: Renowned for transforming homes into modern, functional spaces.
  • Recognized for their service excellence and innovative designs.


Fox Homes is iconic and has recognition thanks to HGTV. Because of the iconicness (is that a word?), they could consider growing into more home services to further build the brand.


7. Hagstrom Construction

Hagstrom Construction brings unparalleled craftsmanship (no shortcuts ever) and dedication to every construction and renovation project in Minnesota. We also love that they are in the same building as another one of our faves, Thrive HQ! Lake Elmo, represent!

  • Quality construction services: Specializes in residential and commercial construction with a focus on quality and durability.
  • They ensure each client’s vision is meticulously brought to life.
  • Team of skilled craftsmen and construction experts.


We just love our Lake Elmo friend, Hagstrom Construction. Showing more customer testimonials, especially videos would be a great way to introduce potential clients to your “no shortcuts. ever.” mission right away on the homepage.


8. Elysian Construction

Elysian Construction is dedicated to providing top-tier roofing, siding, and window services, ensuring Minnesota homes are beautiful and resilient.

  • Expert roofing services: Specializes in both residential and commercial roofing solutions.
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship: Uses high-quality materials and skilled labor to ensure lasting results.
  • Prides itself on excellent customer service and transparency.


Elysian has a great brand and reputation behind it. It might be a great idea to take the customer along the journey on social media.


9. McQuillan Brothers

With a legacy spanning over a century, McQuillan Brothers continues to lead in plumbing, heating, and cooling services in Minnesota.

  • Over 100 years of experience in the industry.
  • 4.7 stars on Google!
  • Offers comprehensive HVAC and plumbing services.
  • Known for their professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Provides clients with informed options and clear communication.


McQuillan is a household name in Minnesota and you’ll see the trucks driving around on I35W at times. Love the ADA compliant website button as well! And we the behind-the-scenes look.


10. Connell’s Custom Exteriors (CCE) 


Connell’s Custom Exteriors stands out for its exceptional exterior remodeling services, enhancing the beauty and value of Minnesota homes. Both ami and Amanda have used CCE to roof our homes, can’t recommend enough!

  • Offers a range of services including siding, windows, and roofing.
  • High-quality materials: Utilizes only the best materials for long-lasting beauty and performance.
  • Skilled team: Employs a team of experienced professionals committed to craftsmanship!


Love the service you offer. You could consider a modernization of your brand. You could also offer customer-centric content on social media like seasonal maintenance tips or showcasing before-and-after transformations to further demonstrate your services’ effectiveness and importance.


11. Standard Heating & Air

Standard Heating and Air is a cornerstone in Minnesota’s HVAC industry, renowned for its dedication to comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Loads of experience in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services.
  • Holds an impressive 4.9-star rating on Google, reflecting widespread customer satisfaction.
  • Known for their reliability, punctuality, and professional services.
  • Helps customers understand their systems and make informed decisions about HVAC solutions.


We just love Standard Heating & Air’s service. An update to the brand and website could enhance user experience and reflect the modern, forward-thinking nature of the business.


These 11 Minnesota home services brands exemplify the importance of building a strong brand and providing exceptional service. From the quality of Headwaters Painting to the time-honored practices of McQuillan Brothers, each company contributes uniquely to the industry’s landscape, setting high standards for quality and customer satisfaction. And we thank you for your unwavering commitment to helping us keep our homes healthy and safe!

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