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Rebranding Minneapolis’ top-rated painting company


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The Client

Headwaters Painting, a respected name in the painting industry and Minneapolis, needed a rebrand. They are known for their incredible attention to detail, trustworthiness, and overall project communication.

The Challenge

Headwaters Painting recognized the need to refresh their brand. Their online presence lacked the sophistication that matched their quality craftsmanship, and they sought a strategic transformation from Finn & Gray. They had a standard painting company website and wanted something that spoke more to their story.

Our Solution

We approached the rebrand with a commitment to accentuate Headwaters Painting’s professionalism, trust, and care for their customer and crews. We knew that we needed to craft a consistent, holistic brand so we recommended our Trifecta offering. The rest is history. 

Finn & Gray’s collaboration with Headwaters Painting went beyond rebrand—it was a strategic move into becoming a brand. The brand identity now aligns seamlessly with the company’s values of precision and professionalism. From logo to website to captivating visuals, every element reflects Headwaters Painting’s dedication to excellence.

Brand Strategy

Our process began by immersing ourselves in understanding Headwaters Painting’s core identity. We believe that a brand is more than just a logo—it’s a living entity with a personality, values, and a unique visual language. It was a collaborative exploration to define the HP brand essence. 

The brand now has a personality, resonates with its target audience, and is equipped with a visual identity that tells a compelling story.



Branding + Logo

Choosing the right color palette and typography was a meticulous process. Every shade and font was selected to evoke high quality experience and modern approaches.

The Visual System: The Handle of Distinction

Incorporating “HP” into the handle of the paintbrush was a key move to make this an ownable mark. This subtle integration establishes a unique identifier for Headwaters Painting. It serves as a signature, a mark of craftsmanship, and a nod to the company’s commitment to personalized service.

“Finn & Gray was and is everything our business needed – We loved the service options they provided and their approachability right off the bat! What I loved and appreciated the most about working with Finn & Gray was that they really took the time to dig into our company by getting to know us personally, our competition, our goals & visions, and what we wanted.  We went with their Trifecta Package and, Wow- The personalization, ideas, and materials they provided is critical for consistency with our brand and marketing as we grow.”

Danie Turry

Co-Owner at Headwaters Painting 

Brand Photography

At Finn & Gray we specialize in creating visual narratives that speak to the heart of your brand. And with Headwaters Painting we did just that. The crew painted, the leadership team got work done and with smiles on the whole time. It was obvious why they are a leading painting company in Minnesota.

Painting Company Website Design

Finn & Gray addressed the challenges of outdated and templated aesthetics and limited engagement. Through a user-centric design, mobile optimization, and integration of Acuity Scheduling, the handcrafted website not only captivated visitors visually but significantly enhanced user interaction and answered questions with thoughtfully built out FAQ sections.

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