The Foggy Dog

Amplifying the visuals of this California-based dog brand


Direct-to-Consumer, eCommerce, Pet Industry


The Client

The Foggy Dog is a San Francisco, California based dog product business. They make quality, thoughtfully designed products for discerning pets and their people. 

The Challenge

Despite having an excellent range of products, The Foggy Dog faced needs in effectively presenting their offerings on social media, specifically Instagram. Their existing photography was good but the owner wanted to transition to GREAT. To establish a stronger online presence, they recognized the need for visually stunning and engaging content. They intended to hire a full-time in house employee within the following quarter and needed someone in the meantime.

Our Solution

Finn & Gray’s team conducted a thorough analysis of The Foggy Dog’s existing photography and brand identity. They identified key areas that required improvement, such as image quality, composition, storytelling, and brand alignment. Drawing from the insights gathered, Finn & Gray developed a comprehensive creative direction for the photography project. This included defining the mood, color palette, and themes that would resonate with The Foggy Dog’s audience while staying true to the brand’s essence.

Stop Motion

The Foggy Dog monthly stop-motions weren’t just about aesthetics (though they are pretty); they were strategic moves in digital marketing. The Foggy Dog needed eyeballs on their content, and our stop-motion creations helped draw that attention. The team was able to use the stop motions not only on social media but also in email marketing, website, and as ads!


The consistent and cohesive photography developed by Finn & Gray helped solidify The Foggy Dog’s brand identity in the competitive pet apparel market.

By collaborating with the team during the recruitment process, Finn & Gray ensured a seamless handover to the newly hired full-time employee, preserving the brand’s creative direction.


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