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Your logo is your first impression. If it’s

  • unpolished
  • uninspired
  • or outdated...

you’re losing trust and you’re losing business. And no one wants that.

We’ve got you!

When you’re busy running a business, it’s hard to make time for lunch—so when on earth are you going to research strategic logo design? That’s where Finn & Gray comes in. You tell us about your business vision and values, and we’ll create a stunning logo for you that just…clicks.

Let’s get you looking 🔥

How it works

During your initial conversation with Finn & Gray, we’ll talk about your business, your values and how you want to look and sound. Then we’ll drill down into the specifics to and establish what your requirements are. We’ll break to put together a price proposal.

Exceeded my


“In order to stand out and get noticed in the saturated Minnesota real estate market, COEUR Real Estate Group required a modern, yet professional and bold brand identity. Applications included various signage for the real estate agents on the team, building exterior, and more.”

Cory K.
Owner | COEUR Real Estate

Let's take your brand to new levels!