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Designing the storefront for the best lightroom presets on the market


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The Client

Refined Co specializes in professional presets and editing tools for photographers, offering solutions that save time and enhance creative expression. Founded by Marta, a self-taught photographer with extensive experience, Refined Co has grown into a thriving community of professional collaborators and users, providing a range of presets from light and airy to dark and moody for various platforms including desktop and mobile.

The Challenge

Founder, Marta wanted to elevate Refined Co’s brand to reflect a luxury, creative, and airy online presence and sought to redefine their brand messaging and voice. They faced challenges in adequately showcasing their extensive product range in a manner that aligned with their high-end, professional image. The need for a sophisticated, easy-to-navigate Shopify website became evident to attract more customers and increase sales.

Our Solution

  • Finn & Gray designed a full Shopify website for Refined Co, tailoring it to the luxury market they serve.
  • The website was custom-developed on Shopify.
  • The new site effectively showcased Refined Co’s wide range of professional photography presets and editing tools with convincing and on-brand copy.

Brand Strategy

When Refined Co. approached us, there was a disconnect between her personal brand voice and the brand and its intended perception. To address this, we collaborated and brainstormed, getting to the heart of her brand identity and messaging. Through an exploratory session, we uncovered not only how Marta envisioned being perceived but also gained a deep understanding of her target audience’s preferences and expectations. As a luxury offering and an audience offering luxury photography, it only made sense to have passion, geniune, and engaging 

Shopify Wireframes

In order to design a user centered Shopify website for Refined Co, we started with low fidelity wireframes figuring out the user flow. From landing on the homepage to checking out, every touchpoint should be on brand, easy-to-understand and light and airy. We also looked at the target audience’s desire to see before and after examples of the preset. 

This really took hold with Marta and we used a slider element to showcase many examples of work. The product detail page was the other main focus. The intersection of variations proved to be a challenge for showcasing the options within one PDP page. We met it with custom icons and backend Shopify development connecting the pages.

Shopify Website Design

An elegant, user-friendly interface that elevated the user experience while maintaining the artistic integrity of Marta’s original vision. We prioritized clean, minimalist layouts, intuitive navigation, and immersive visual storytelling to ensure that each visitor could seamlessly explore and engage with Refined Co’s diverse range of presets and tools. The design aimed to not just captivate but also convert, turning visitors into loyal customers and community members.

Custom Shopify Website Modules

Recognizing the importance of interactive and engaging content, Finn & Gray developed custom Shopify website modules tailored to Refined Co’s unique needs. One standout feature was the before-and-after module, allowing potential customers to see the transformative power of Refined Co’s presets firsthand.This module served as a powerful testament to the quality and effectiveness of Refined Co’s products.


The launch of the new Shopify website resulted in an increase in sales and purchase intent, reflecting the effectiveness of the brand refresh and the improved user experience. The positive outcome indicates that the new site resonated with Refined Co’s target audience.


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