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Creating an iconic real estate logo and website for Minnesota brokerage


Real Estate


The Client

COEUR Real Estate Group, based in Minnesota, specializes in the buying and selling of single family homes, particularly in the east metro with a focal point in Hastings, MN. As a dynamic player in the real estate market, COEUR sought a comprehensive brand development to enhance its presence and resonate effectively with its target audience.

The Challenge

COEUR’s owner Cory recognized the importance of a strong brand identity in the competitive real estate landscape. The client required a complete brand design — essential assets including a distinctive real estate logo, secondary marks, a well-defined color palette, suitable fonts, a user-friendly website design, professional agent headshots, engaging social content, and versatile realtor marketing assets like for sale signs, open house flyers, and additional signage. The overarching goal was to evoke professionalism while maintaining an approachable and neighborly image for their

Our Solution

Our approach involved meticulous development, choosing a darker blue for professionalism with neutral tones for broad appeal. The rounded lines and thoughtful logo icon represent a friendly and professional image, reinforcing COEUR’s commitment.

“Working with Finn & Gray was a transformative experience for our brand. They not only captured the essence of our identity through stunning photography and a captivating brand video but also elevated our online presence with engaging social content. The seamless rebranding process left us not just satisfied, but truly elated with the results.”

real estate logo on lawn sign
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real estate logo


The brand development transformed COEUR Real Estate Group’s image, creating a cohesive and inviting identity. The real estate logos darker blue, rounded lines, and thoughtful logo contribute to a professional yet approachable visual language, making a lasting impression in the competitive real estate market. The new brand reflects COEUR Real Estate Group as the reliable and friendly choice in real estate, contributing to the success as a top producing group in Hastings, MN.


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