Megan Marie Organizing - Professional Organizer Website and Brand

Elevating the art of a Minnesota home organizer


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The Client

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Megan Marie Organizing is a professional home organizer who believes that everyone deserves to have clarity in their home. Her goal for every client I serve is to create a space unique to them that leaves them feeling calm, focused, and energized in all the right ways.

The Challenge

Megan had just started her business when we reached out suggesting to complete the brand exercise of creating a logo, clear aesthetic through a custom color palette. The project took on a new life when she also knew she needed photography that showcased her offering as well as a website to market herself.

Our Solution

We took on the challenge and worked our magic. We crafted a brand identity that defied the dental norm, featuring a stunning wordmark logo, a vibrant color palette, and playful icons that instantly caught the eye. Our innovative approach helped her expand her client base and build lifelong relationships with a fresh, new audience.

Branding + Logo

Megan knew she wanted something light, airy, and minimalist for her brand. We spent time in moodboarding the perfect brand foundation for her.

MMO’s fresh, distinct identity has made a notable impact when you look. The brand stands out not just for its services but also for its commitment to creating spaces that reduce chaos and allow living.

Commercial Brand Photography

With photography we aimed to visually narrate Megan’s exceptional organizing services, capturing the essence of tranquility and order she brings into every space. 

We chose a photography style that mirrored the brand’s ethos – simple, inviting, and comforting. Each image and video asset shows what Megan stands for: approachability, real, and (somehow) making organization fun and relaxing.

Professional Organizer Website

Megan Marie’s Squarepsace website was created with a clear vision – to offer a user to understand what Megan does for your life marked by simplicity and ease. You’ll feel a sense of comfortable and calm when perusing the website as you will feel after working with Megan.

We further pulled the brand colors, fonts, and vibe through to create an effective professional organizer website.


Megan understood that investing up front in her business would ensure that she stand out in the Minnesota home services industry and market. MMO's logo is future proof and a perfect embodiment of her services and attitude towards her amazing work.