NOLEO Care - Custom Shopify Website Design

A brand that tells the story and advocates for a healthier bébé


Direct to Consumer, eCommerce


The Client

NOLEO is the French way to wipe baby’s bum. Instead of wipes, they ask you to consider this cleansing cream.

The Challenge

Finn & Gray collaborated with NOLEO to tackle their confusing website and brand positioning, resulting in a successful transformation. Through services including brand repositioning, custom Shopify website design, copywriting, the Storybrand framework, photo and video shoots, custom iconography, and Shopify custom development, they created a clear and engaging online presence.

Our Solution

The revamped website effectively communicated NOLEO’s offerings, leading to improved brand perception, enhanced user experience, increased conversion rates, and a strengthened visual identity. With a scalable e-commerce platform in place, Finn & Gray helped NOLEO establish a strong and memorable brand presence, positioning them for growth and success.

Brand Reposition Strategy

There was a fair amount of brand confusion when we started working with NOLEO. It was unclear what their offer was. We came in and helped reshape their brand narrative to forge a deeper connection with the audience. Leveraging the StoryBrand framework, our objective was to refine Noleo’s messaging, ensuring it not only reached their audience but also resonated deeply, addressing the core needs and desires of their target market.

The ultimate peace of mind - products that are good for them, backed by science.

Photography Direction

The visuals prominently showcased baby’s bums to communicate that the product was a replacement for baby wipes. The goal was to visually convey that NOLEO cleans, moisturizes, and protects the baby. By highlighting these key features, the photography aimed to create a clear association between NOLEO and its multifunctional benefits, using a combination of visual cues and supporting copy on the website and social graphics.

Custom Iconography

Custom Shopify Website Design

Discovery + Wireframes

Finn & Gray redesigned NOLEO’s Shopify website from the ground up. We focused on enhancing the messaging and user experience, ensuring a seamless browsing experience and enticing them to purchase. By incorporating a modern and clean design, we aimed to create a website that reflected NOLEO’s brand ethos and conveyed their product offerings effectively.

Intentional Photography

As we built out the website, we determined that we needed a quick and easy way to show that this product is for baby's bum. We determined the best way to do that was to show it.


In just six months, Finn & Gray unified the NOLEO message and visual elements across their Shopify website and digital channels. The new aesthetic showcased a clean, honest, and empathetic brand with custom icons, beautiful timeless photography and a clean and clear website.

50% increase in website pageviews YOY.


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