Moss Optical

Campaign and brand refresh for longest standing optical in Downtown Minneapolis


Retail, Healthcare


The Client

Moss Optical, a nearly 100 year old optical in Downtown Minneapolis is a staple in the skyway. We have worked with Moss Optical since day one of Finn & Gray. 

The Challenge

The Downtown Minneapolis Optical, a long-time client of ours has gone through a few transformations during our time with them. Between attempts to stay on top during the dash to digital to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have strategized with Moss Optical every step of the way.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the founder Kevin Moss to position them strategically and develop a marketing campaign that would help them stand out. Our goal was to show real people wearing Moss Optical-styled glasses. The end results was a city wide Minneapolis eyewear marketing campaign. And we handled all the work in-house. From shooting the photos to designing and developing the website. The A-Team showed up.

Brand Photography

Since 2017, we have worked with Moss Optical to create content through photography and video. We continue to improve the brand and create consistent materials to ladder up to the brand strategy set in place. 

Website Design

Since 2017, our collaboration with Moss Optical has been a journey of continuous evolution and improvement. Recognizing the dynamic nature of digital best practices, we have designed and launched two distinct iterations of their website. Each version not only refreshed Moss Optical’s online presence but also ensured that they stayed at the forefront of digital innovation and user experience.

Our approach has been rooted in a deep understanding of Moss Optical’s brand ethos and the ever-changing landscape of web design. The first iteration in 2017 set a new standard for their online engagement, while the subsequent redesign further elevated their digital footprint, incorporating the latest in web technologies and design trends.


Increased store traffic
23% uptick in eye appointments
Sales up 56% YOY in 2019


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converts to grow your business.