Franchise Dashboard Website Design for Delaget

An updated brand and website for a world-renowned franchise support tool


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The Client

Delaget is a quick service restaurant franchise vendor that will aggregate all your restaurant’s data into one easy-to-read dashboard.

The Challenge

Delaget came to Finn & Gray with an outdated brand and website – they wanted to create a bright, bold and attention-grabbing brand and website that captured attention of franchisees and franchisors alike.

Our Solution

Finn & Gray alongside the Delaget team took a comprehensive approach to transform Delaget’s brand and website, ensuring they align with the company’s strategic goals and resonated with and grabbed the attention of its target audience. The key steps in this process were as follows:

  • Conducted a thorough analysis of Delaget’s existing brand
  • Developed a fresh and modern brand identity that captured Delaget’s essence while appealing to its target market.
  • Revamped the content strategy by creating compelling copy, highlighting Delaget’s key offerings, and creating appealing visual elements.

Brand Refresh

Photography Direction

We crafted brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints which included a specific photo direction. The visuals of the brand should be bright, unique, and food-driven. This helps keep the cohesive brand essence of Delaget top of mind when a customer sees a bright, vivid food photo.

Custom Iconography

The team at Finn & Gray has been so much fun to work with – we’re so happy with the final product and have seen amazing results since the launch of our new website and brand refresh! We’ve also received positive feedback from clients, partners, and prospective clients on the site – they love the new look and feel.​

Jay Kallman
Director of Marketing

Franchise dashboard website design Delaget wireframes

Franchise Dashboard Website Design

We designed a user-centered website for Delaget, enhancing their content strategy with compelling copy and visual elements. 

  • User-centered design integrating the new brand visuals
  • Revamped content strategy highlighting Delaget’s core offerings
  • Integrated Pardot for seamless form handling and automation
  • Implemented Google Analytics for comprehensive website performance tracking

The team wanted a visual that would easily communicate that Delaget has many vetted providers and all data will flow through their systems.

All the graphics, illustrations, and icons created for the Delaget project ensured a clear message: Delaget’s products are easy to use and understand!

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