Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow

A user-centered,communications franchise dashboard design


Franchise, Pets


The Client

We took on an exciting project to design the user experience and interface for an internal franchise communications dashboard for Camp Bow Wow. This portal was designed to be a one-stop, mobile-friendly solution for franchisors to connect with franchise owners, making communication straightforward and accessible.

The Challenge

The main challenge was moving from a disjointed, social media-based communication approach to a cohesive, organized internal system. We aimed to create a user-friendly, searchable, and comprehensive portal that centralized all franchise communications.

Our Solution

The new franchise communications portal was a significant step forward for Camp Bow Wow. It transformed how franchisees accessed and shared information, allowing for quick and easy access to all types of resources. The portal became the central hub for all things related to the franchise, reducing the confusion of the old system and encouraging a more effective way of communicating.


Franchise Dashboard Design

Using our existing knowledge from working as the in-house creative team at Self Esteem Brands (Anytime Fitness, Basecamp Fitness, Waxing the City) we were able to consult and design a communications dashboard and knowledge base for Camp Bow Wow.

We traveled to Camp Bow Wow HQ in Denver, CO to create a welcome message and video tutorial for the new users to ensure ease-of-use​