Ritu Punia Dental Logo Design

Launching a dental brand that is anything but bland


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The Client

Based in Cupertino, California, Ritu Punia Dental is a private practice that embarked on a new chapter. Following the acquisition of an established practice, Ritu recognized the need for a fresh and captivating brand identity to attract a wave of new patients.

The Challenge

Ritu came to Finn & Gray in need of a rebrand after she acquired an existing dental practice in Cupertino, California. With a loyal client base on her hands, her goal was to make a splash through rebranding to attract the next generation of loyal patients at her practice.

Our Solution

We took on the challenge and worked our magic. We crafted a brand identity that defied the dental norm, featuring a stunning wordmark logo, a vibrant color palette, and playful icons that instantly caught the eye. Our innovative approach helped her expand her client base and build lifelong relationships with a fresh, new audience.

Naming a company

Right off the bat, we engaged in a naming project for Dr. Ritu’s dental practice. Exploring a myriad of creative options, one standout concept emerged—Ritual Dental. Although Dr. Punia ultimately chose to embrace her personal name for the business, the playful and clever play on words in the naming exercise showcased the dynamic creativity that defines Finn & Gray’s approach to brand development and naming.


Dental Logo Design - Brand Usage Recommendations

Our chosen approach for this project was clean and minimal, utilizing floods of green to create a simple and fresh aesthetic. By keeping things uncluttered and focusing on the vibrant green color, we achieved a visually stunning and impactful brand identity. The clean and modern look we implemented leaves a lasting impression on the audience, captivating them with the beauty of simplicity.

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