Stronger U Nutrition

The creative team who consistently set up the foundation for a top-rated nutrition coaching company


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The Client

Stronger U Nutrition is a thriving nutrition coaching company committed to transforming lives through personalized and sustainable approaches. Their coaches provide expert guidance, helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals with tailored nutrition plans and unwavering support.

The Challenge

When we started working with Stronger U, the brand was suffering from quickly growing without a focus. There wasn’t an established brand style guide, the coaches were creating content and distributing it with little brand standard. The messaging on the website wasn’t clear and concise, leading to confusion and lack of sales.

Our Solution

We started small, with a project for systematically updating brand materials coaches used daily. Over time, we increased our relationship to a retainer model where we completed many projects including,  a full brand overhaul, three major website updates, as well as monthly social content, email newsletters, marketing campaigns, website designs, and much more.

Brand Photography

After establishing ourselves and being brought on as the design and creative team, we quickly recommended a photoshoot to establish what life looks like when doing Stronger U. Spoiler Alert: It looks much like normal life. We wanted to ensure the content going forward was owned and curated. Another benefit to them is our in-house capability of photography, taking out the added costs of hiring a photographer.

Finn & Gray’s transformative partnership from 2019 to 2022 went beyond design, becoming the creative heartbeat of our brand. Their strategic concepts and ideas elevated our online and print presence, maintained consistent brand direction across platforms, and delivered engaging content, leaving a lasting impression. As a dedicated design partner, Finn & Gray seamlessly integrated into our team, driving our brand forward with passion and creativity.

Courtney McNamee

Director of Marketing, Stronger U Nutrition

Nutrition Coaching Website Revamp

The first website overhaul was more than a facelift; it was a strategic move to clearly define through the Storybrand framework by Donald Miller what they were offering, how they were different and why someone should choose Stronger U. We designed a user-friendly, engaging online space that mirrored Stronger U’s commitment to clients’ success.

Before and After

Social Media Content Creation

Understanding both the audience and social trends, we crafted content that engaged and inspired. Our social media strategies amplified their message, connecting with followers on a personal level and built a loyal community.

Event Creative

Every piece we designed for Stronger U’s events was a celebration of their brand and a beacon for potential clients and partners. As the creative team, projects like these became easy requests.


Behind every campaign was our commitment to excellence. Whether it was ad creative, campaign creation, or anything in between, we made sure it all aligned with the Stronger U brand we were building together.


Establishing a new look

As the creative team we are always on call to help and pivot when needed. When data showed us that Stronger U’s clientele was primarily female, we didn’t just take note—we took action. This led to a strategic pivot that refined their brand message, visual strategy, and photography, making it more relatable and resonant with their main audience.

Website 2.0 Wireframes

The second website revamp was informed by our new understanding. We made targeted adjustments that catered to the needs and preferences of Stronger U’s growing female audience, ensuring the brand’s digital presence was both inclusive and appealing.

The consistent and cohesive creative helped solidify Stronger U’s brand identity in the competitive nutrition coaching.

By collaborating with Stronger U Nutrition’s marketing team during the acquisition by Self Esteem Brands, Finn & Gray ensured a seamless handover to the internal team, preserving the brand’s creative direction.







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