Lolo Home Kitchen

Bringing the vision of a home chef into new form


Content creator, Food blog


The Client

Lolo Home Kitchen known for her cozy culinary blog that embraced homemade cooking and warm, inviting kitchen experiences, sought to redefine itself to capture a broader market while maintaining its core essence of warmth and hospitality.

The Challenge

Laura wanted to take her brand to the next level. And outside of just desserts. The brand needed to evolve to stay relevant and appealing to a wider audience without losing its established identity and loyal customer base.

Our Solution

  • Brand Repositioning: Updated the brand’s identity to resonate more broadly, maintaining its core values while expanding its market appeal.
  • Logo and Website Redesign: Modernized the logo to reflect the brand’s evolution and overhauled the website for better user engagement and aesthetics.
  • Custom Iconography: Developed unique iconography to enhance brand recognition across various platforms, ensuring a cohesive visual language.

“I had my logo designed back when I started and my focus has changed and it just doesn’t feel like “me.”

We collaborated closely with Laura from Lolo Home Kitchen to understand her aesthetic preferences, values, and aspirations. Leveraging this insight, Finn & Gray crafted a fresh and visually appealing logo that captured the essence of Lolo Home Kitchen’s culinary expertise, warmth, and dedication to quality.

Website Design

As a blogger and content creator, Laura knew the importance of a user-first experience on her blog and website. We tested various layouts, determining that what people want is to get right to the recipe, thus a jump to the recipe custom illustration and high placement on the recipe page helps the user get what they want. 

Through a strategic brand repositioning, logo redesign, website overhaul, WordPress development, and custom iconography implementation, Finn & Gray successfully transformed Lolo Home Kitchen’s brand identity and online presence. The collaboration resulted in a compelling brand story, an aesthetically elevating logo, an engaging website, and consistent visual communication. 


Lolo Home Kitchen experienced improved user engagement, increased brand recognition, and an uptick in Pinterest engagement. 


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