Branding Keynote Speaker John Southard

An impactful brand and website for a keynote speaker and empathy coach


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The Client

John Southard is a empathy-driven professional keynote speaker out of Texas whose expertise lies in delivering impactful and engaging presentations. With a passion for inspiring others, John needed a brand identity that aligned with his mission and personality and resonate effectively with his target audience.

The Challenge

John required a complete keynote brand design, including the creation of a distinctive logo, secondary marks, defining brand colors and fonts, and the development of a modern and user-friendly website. The challenge was to encapsulate John’s motivational speaking style and personality into a cohesive and memorable brand that would leave a lasting impression on his audience.

Our Solution

Branding keynote speakers are fun. Our approach involved understanding John’s unique speaking style and message. We created a distinctive logo and secondary marks that captured the essence of his impactful presentations.  The chosen brand colors and fonts were carefully selected to reflect professionalism and approachability, aligning seamlessly with John’s speaking persona.

The Squarespace website design and development for this impressive keynote speaker was a crucial component, providing a platform that showcased John’s expertise and offerings. The design elements were strategically integrated to ensure a cohesive representation of the brand across various touchpoints, leaving a positive and memorable impact on visitors.

Branding Keynote Speaker John Southard

I showed this to someone in my family and they said, “If I had to explain your personality, your interests, your talk, and how you dress in a logo, this is what it would look like."

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