Three Reasons Your Airbnb Needs a Logo – and How Finn & Gray Can Help

via Airbnb
A logo is an excellent way to add cohesion to your Airbnb listing and your guest’s stay. It turns a simple bed to an experience. You can easily use it to elevate your space by adding it to welcome packets, Instagram and Facebook feeds, websites, swag, and other media. Here are three reasons your Airbnb needs an logo upgrade: 

1. It separates you from your competition

There are hundreds of Airbnb’s to chose from in most cities. To stand out, you have the task of presenting a pleasurable space as well as presenting yourself as a quality seller. Most of the time, potential guests are only on your listing for just a few seconds. A classy, clean logo will make your experience more reputable in the crowd of other host’s blurry selfies. Plus, it looks great on custom pint glasses, towels, and guest books.

2. It adds an air of quality and sophistication

Let your logo be your silent seller. A logo can give a quick snapshot of what your business is all about. It also makes people feel more secure in their selection because it shows good ownership. Like any business, the more effort you put into it, the higher value you assign to your brand. Consumers see these touches and appreciate aesthetics more now than ever before.

3. It’s memorable and makes it an experience

This is especially key if you own multiple AirBnbs. Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23% (Forbes). A simple, clean, meaningful logo is something people can easily recognize and connect with. It promotes trust within the consumer because it shows you are identified within the platform and experienced. 

Why Finn & Gray Logo Design

Our love for travel mixed with our unique design aesthetic will give your Airbnb the ability to genuinely stand out. Together, we have over 20 years of design experience and love what we do. Stop agonizing about which social media photo makes you look the most approachable. Let us help you create an experience and not just a bed in another city.