Finch & Daisy

Evolving a brand identity to match a growing consultancy




The Client

Finch & Daisy, a consulting firm known for insightful services, sought to modernize their logo, blending sophistication with a touch of playfulness. Our challenge was to create a design that was both professional and modern, yet retained the firm’s feminine charm without being overly whimsical.

In our design process, we delved into Finch & Daisy’s core values, ensuring the logo authentically represented their brand. Our team balanced professionalism with femininity, crafting a logo that was playful yet sophisticated. The final design emerged as modern, clean, and timeless, perfectly encapsulating Finch & Daisy’s evolving brand identity.

With the finch representing a deeper meaning to the company’s founder, we made it the MVP of the new logo design, giving it a modern flair that is strong enough to stand on its own.​

Our Strategy

  1. Understanding Finch & Daisy’s Identity: We dove into understanding the core values and mission of Finch & Daisy to ensure the logo would be a true representation of the brand.

  2. Design Exploration: Finn & Gray explored various design concepts, playing with elements that signified both professionalism and femininity.

  3. Balancing Whimsy and Professionalism: We carefully crafted a logo system that struck the perfect balance between a playful and a professional look, ensuring it wasn’t too whimsical.

  4. Creating a Timeless Design: The final design was not only modern and clean but also timeless, ensuring its relevance for years to come.


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