Hodgepodge Food Truck

Food truck logo design for this collab with Fit Foodie Finds and Forgotten Star Brewery


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The Client

Popular food content creator, Fit Foodie Finds and award-winning brewery Forgotten Star Brewery (FSBC) teamed up in 2024 to build a resident food truck for the FSBC location in Fridley, MN.

The Challenge

The Fit Foodie team approached us with the need for a distinct brand that stood out in a competitive food scene and resonated deeply with diverse local demographics, from young families to corporate employees. They wanted more than a simple food truck logo design. Tasked with developing a full-scope brand strategy, brand naming, brand identity, food truck design and website landing page, we pulled out all the stops to create a truly unique presence for this exciting new food trailer venture.

Our Solution

Finn & Gray approached the naming and branding with a commitment to emphasize the unique Minnesota street food experience and the community-centric nature of the food truck. We recognized the need for a cohesive, all-encompassing brand identity, thus proposing our comprehensive package.

This wasn’t just a logo design; it was a strategic decision to build a distinctive brand that resonates deeply with Minnesotans who are seeking a fun environment. The name and brand identity seamlessly embody the values of community, accessibility, and local flavor. Every element, from the logo to the website to the food truck design, reflects Hodgepodge’s dedication to creating a welcoming, memorable experience for every customer.

Naming a Food Truck

Naming a food truck is an intricate, collaborative, and strategic process. You cannot merely pick a random name. After evaluating names like Lou and Ily’s among others, Hodgepodge was selected. The process involved extensive brainstorming, focus group feedback, and crucially, a lawyer-led trademark search. Initial favorites faced legal constraints, leading us back to the drawing board. The final choice, Hodgepodge, encapsulates the eclectic mix of cuisines and the communal ethos of the venture, resonating perfectly with the brand’s core identity.

Food Truck Logo Design

The brand strategy for Hodgepodge focused and underscore its role as a communal hub, offering more than just food but an experience reminiscent of Minnesota’s warmth and hospitality. The strategy was to position Hodgepodge not just as any food truck but as a cornerstone of community interaction, drawing on the local culture and creating a sense of belonging and comfort. The design brought that home visually with bright and welcoming visuals and creative expressions. The logo and color scheme were carefully chosen to stand out in an urban setting while maintaining an approachable vibe.

Working with Finn & Gray to bring Hodgepodge to life was an absolute blast. Their team didn’t just understand our vision; they amplified it, embedding every piece of our brand with authenticity and a palpable sense of community. Hodgepodge isn’t just a food truck; it will be the heart of our neighborhood, inviting everyone to gather and enjoy the simple pleasure of shared meals.

Finn & Gray’s creativity and dedication turned our dream into a vibrant reality that resonates deeply with every visitor. We’re not just serving food; we’re creating connections, thanks to a branding that’s as heartfelt as it is visually stunning.

Food Truck Design

We knew the truck would need to be engaging and attract the eye upon arrival to spark the interest in eating delicious food. We also had the hopeful potedntial of being at the State Fair in our cross hairs. The design of the Hodgepodge food truck extends beyond functionality to form an integral part of the brand experience. Stationary by design, the truck is conceived as a permanent fixture that enhances its locale, complete with built-in seating and patio, fostering a restaurant-like atmosphere. This setup not only attracts passersby but also encourages them to linger, enhancing their engagement with the brand.

Food Truck Menu Design

It was important to get the food truck menu right. We took some time to learn about the psychology of a menu and pricing. We researched best practices for laying out menus, what information to include, and how to encourage people to come with this critical piece of collateral for a food truck. We knew that the menu would eventually be on the truck but until then we needed a sandwich menu that would also work for the website. 

Squarespace Website

As part of our comprehensive branding strategy for Hodgepodge, Finn & Gray was tasked with designing a captivating “Coming Soon” page on Squarespace. Our goal was to create an engaging online presence that builds anticipation and connects with the target audience ahead of the food truck’s launch.

We encouraged the growth of an email and SMS list with a free offering or promotion and the Hodgepodge team decided a free cone was the way to go, and we couldn’t have agreed more.

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