Coves - Logo and Packaging Case Study

Promoting mental wellbeing through a craft mocktail


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The Client

Headquartered in Minnesota, Coves specializes in creating outstanding beverages that surpass conventional taste boundaries, for moments of relaxation and celebration, whether with or without alcohol. Coves stands as a spirit-free refresher designed to be relished by everyone, ensuring a hangover-free experience. Infused with ashwagandha for stress reduction and mood enhancement, it goes beyond being a mere drink; it embodies a holistic wellness experience!

The Challenge

To make a bold entrance, Coves enlisted our expertise for comprehensive brand development and to be their can packaging designer. The overarching aim of building a modern and enjoyable brand that mirrors the quality, flavor, and character of Coves. The brand needed to exude an aura of fun, excitement, inclusivity, and adventure.

Our Solution

Using a vibrant color palette and clean, flowing lines, the end result achieves an obvious playful essence, ensuring it boldly stands out on any shelf. The final brand story not only captivate attention but also infuse a sense of energy and vitality into the brand’s visual identity.

Brand Strategy

Our photo direction provided a compelling visual narrative that aligns with the brand’s values and messaging, enhancing the overall brand appeal. The high-quality imagery produced not only elevates the brand’s aesthetic but also improves consumer perception, contributing to a more premium brand image.

Photo direction

We chose a vibrant and uplifting photo direction for Coves to visually communicate the brand’s essence and evoke a sense of happiness and joy. The bright and tropical scenes, featuring fresh and vibrant food, create a connection with the refreshing nature of Coves’ beverages. Clean and inviting imagery underscores the brand’s commitment to quality and purity. By incorporating happy people enjoying Coves in summer settings, we aim to convey the delightful and uplifting experience that comes with every sip. This photo direction not only aligns with the product’s characteristics but also establishes a positive and aspirational association with the brand, inviting consumers to indulge in moments of pure enjoyment and relaxation.

“Working with the team at Finn & Gray has been a game-changer for Coves. Their insight and creativity in building our brand from scratch was inspired. They developed a compelling brand identity and impactful marketing materials that truly resonate with our emerging market. At the beginning, I was simply looking for a can packaging designer but what they brought to the table was so much more. The guidance they provided for our initial photography has set a high standard for our visual branding. I’m deeply grateful for their role in launching Coves and would highly recommend their services to any startup looking to make a significant impact.”


Owner, Coves

Can Packaging Designer

We embraced the color palette with the can designs, incorporating vibrant colors and unique features that demand attention. Our goal was to design a can that begs to grab your attention, be picked up, and is perfect for an Instagram moment. In our collaboration with Coves, the focus was on infusing fun into every design, ensuring that each can stands out on the shelf and captures the essence of enjoyment.

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