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Do you remember the days of printing out Mapquest directions, waiting for someone to call on your landline, or using a real camera to take photos? Well, we remember and want to see what that feels like (again). Join us in remembering that for a whole week: A phone detox.

Ami and I have had lengthy conversations at F&G HQ (AKA ami’s house) about how much we love and hate our phones. We love the convenience they bring yet hate how our phones feel like they are constantly stealing time away from the things that matter to us. This has become even more abundantly clear after we started to read Indistractable (a great read) about hacking back your time.

What is a Phone Detox

While it isn’t necessary to give up technology, according to Nir Eyal, ami and I still really wanted to see what it will feel like to be without our phone for a week. A week free of Instagram distractions, TikTok diversions, email notifications interrupting daily activities, or a camera that, while convenient, doesn’t come close to our Canons.


  • When: January 25 (12am) – February 1 (12am)
  • What: Zero phone use (zilch, zero, nada)
  • Who: Anyone!


Additional Guidelines:

Turn off your phone at midnight on January 25 and place it in your glove box. Why the glove box? Because we believe if you have an emergency in your car, it would only be wise to have it available to call for help. Other than an emergency, you are NOT allowed to use your phone until February 1.

You can use your computer to text (if it allows) and send emails. Essentially normal business activity shouldn’t be impaired with just the use of your laptop.

The fun part

Now that you don’t have a phone, what will you do with all your free time? Yes, you’ll have time that you didn’t realize you had. Maybe pick up a book, enjoy a cocktail, workout, actually take photos and print them! How you choose to spend your time is up to you.

Daily reflection

Some of us lived 20+ years without a cell phone, yet it’s become like a second skin you can’t leave home without. This will leave many opportunities for us to reflect on how we are feeling daily. We’ve created a daily journal worksheet you can print out or fill out digitally.

Download Here >

Will you join the challenge? 

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