51 Awesome Ways To Use Your New Logo Design

You just got your new logo. What should you do next?

After investing in your beautiful new logo, it’s time to put it to use. You will want to set aside two hours to update your logo digitally and order swag and other business essentials. If you need a logo usage checklist, look no further! 

{scroll down for a printable checklist}

If this has prompted some thoughts about a logo redesign or even a brand refresh, check out our  logo design offering!


1. Put it on your website (and get creative – it doesn’t just have to go in the upper left hand corner).

2. Put the mark as your site favicon.

3. In your email header.

4. In your drip email campaigns.

5. In your personal email signature.

6. (As a mark) In your gmail photo.

7. Instagram profile photo.

8. Facebook profile photo.

9. Twitter profile photo.

10. TikTok profile photo.

11. Create a TikTok video explaining how you decided on your logo.

12. Add it to your invoices and other business documents.

13. Share it to your Facebook page and tell the story of your brand.

14. Show behind-the-scenes of creating it from scratch (explain why you hired a professional).

15. Add it to your word documents/letterhead.

16. Add it to your PowerPoint / Google slide decks.

17. Your Hubspot landing pages.

18. Webinar collateral.


19. Business cards

20. Add it as a decal to your car

21. Use it in signage for your business

22. Create a “thank you” postcard

23. Price lists

24. Business collateral

25. Use it on your receipts

26. Tradeshow banners and booth setups

27. Get office sticky notes with the logo on it

28. Create a rubber stamp

29. Product packaging


30. Tee-shirts (we love rebel ink)

31. Hoodies or 3/4 zip ups

32. Stickers (we like moo and sticker mule)

33. Pens

34. Pencils

36. Notebooks

37. Waterbottles

38. Coffee Mug (yeti mugs are always a hit)

39. Hats

40. Totes

41. Speaker

42. Phone charger

43. Sunglasses

44. Coasters

Odd & Others

45. Get a tattoo (a less expensive/permanent approach: get temporary tattoos)

46. Wrap your vehicle in your brand colors + logo

47. Custom wallpaper with logo

48. Dog bandana

49. Use it on a local escalator (for both advertising + brand awareness)

50. Side of a bus

51. Create a billboard


There you have it. 51 ideas. What else could you do with your new logo? Add it in the comments below.

Why Finn & Gray Logo Design

Shadow to force perspective.

Customized typeface for a logo that is uniquely yours.

One of a kind color palette and color gradient.

Brand mark that has meaning.

By working with Finn & Gray to create a custom logo for your brand (just look at the logo above), you will get noticed quicker, stand out against your competitors, gain trust from your customers, and be represented as the professional YOU are.

A logo design needs to embody the vision, spirit, and legacy of a brand’s identity, and can do so with a professional and strategic design that is custom created for your business. The Finn and Gray creative studio is ready  to design your vision to life… and that’s just the beginning!

Download the free logo checklist

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