5 Useful Podcasts That Will Make You The Best (Whatever You Want To Be)

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With over half of American households listening to podcasts, it’s no surprise that at Finn & Gray we have some favorites. While ami only has to walk down the stairs and arrive at HQ, I (Amanda) have to drive 30 minutes to arrive. I usually have my four-year-old daughter, Grace, in the backseat yell-singing to her current fav movie (Currently, it’s Leap). However, on Fridays, I get the car all to myself. And while in the car, I love a good playlist or podcast.

So today, ami and I thought we’d share five of our favorite podcasts with you as well as three of our top favorite episodes from each so that if you are struggling on “what to listen to today…” You can easily bookmark a few of these for your next podcast sesh. Saddle up, folks.

1. Building a Story Brand Podcast with Donald Miller

Category: Business, Marketing
Why: Donald Miller’s podcast tells the story that we all need to with our marketing messages: CONSISTENCY! But beyond that he has short, digestible content that engages. I love the guests and their unique perspective on life and business. A great one to hit subscribe.

2.ID10T with Chris Hardwick

Category: Entertainment
Why: Chris Hardwick is one of The Godfathers of Podcasting. I’ve been listening to his podcast (used to be Nerdist) since the beginning. He is seriously funny, can really pull together a great conversation with guests, and has a unique perspective. I love listening to the new and the old for fun!

3. Creative Pep Talk with Andy J. Pizza 

Category: Creative Career
Why: His passion and energy are palpable as are his fun quips. I love the message and he really helped me bring myself out of a hard time in my creative career. A solid podcast with super fun energy.

4. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Category: Living Better
Why: When I found out Brene was launching her own podcast, I pre-subscribed immediately. I feel like one of the lucky ones to have heard her speak (for free!) years ago before her TED talk went viral. Everything she says resonates deeply into who we are as humans and how we can live + love with more courage and heart.

5. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Category: Entertainment
Why: Dax unapologetically tells it like it is, has open and honest conversations with celebrities about the messiness of being a human. He deep dives into their lives from the beginning to where they are now, getting them to open up and be honest and real. I love hearing his perspective on relevant topics and often find myself cracking up at his colorful storytelling.

Honorable Mentions:

What’s your favorite podcast?

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