3 Reasons Why Logo Generators Are A Waste – and What to Do Instead

When it comes to branding your business, fewer elements are more important than the logo. But as simple as a logo seems, the crafting and creation of the perfect design is anything but easy.

Establishing a business isn’t cheap (and we’d argue it shouldn’t be). It can be tempting to cut costs where you can. But trust us, you don’t want to cut corners/costs by using an online logo creator. Today we have three bang-up reasons why you need to invest in a strategic logo design by Finn & Gray.

1. Logos crafted by generators won’t set you apart

Developing a brand identity is so unique to each client. When putting together your business, you focused on, and prioritized, the experiences and behaviors that drove your audience and acted accordingly. Your logo shouldn’t be any different.

As digital continues to lead the way, we find that most people don’t buy from brands anymore. They want to connect with the people and values behind the brands. Hire us to design your logo and you will find humanity in it. It becomes a living breathing thing. Believe it or not, your customers and clients will pick up on that, even if they don’t consciously realize it.

2. Logos crafted by generators don’t stand out

Most businesses are in uber-competitive spaces, and branding and design is one of the surest ways to get your foot in the door and keep it there. 

Example: If you are a landscape company and don’t show up with a professional identity and logo design, your potential customers might not trust that you’ll do a good job on their lawn. Sorry, Bob, your name on the side of your van isn’t gonna cut it or get noticed. You need to communicate your value through amazing and consistent visuals.

What we would hate to happen to you is a logo generator that spits out the same logo for someone else’s brand. If another brand debuts a logo that looks similar to yours, you could be signing up for a whole mess of legal and branding issues.

3. Logos crafted by generators won’t reflect your brand values

Building a brand identity is a complex, yet beautiful process , and if your logo looks anything but, that’s only going to cheapen your entire brand’s online presence.

Taking time to research and consider what defines your brand, and thinking through what you want your logo to represent, is vital to the process of establishing a solid brand identity.

Why Finn & Gray Logo Design

Shadow to force perspective.

Customized typeface for a logo that is uniquely yours.

One of a kind color palette and color gradient.

Brand mark that has meaning.

By working with Finn & Gray to create a custom logo for your brand (just look at the logo above), you will get noticed quicker, stand out against your competitors, be trusted faster by your customers, and be represented as the professional YOU are.

A logo design needs to embody the vision, spirit, and legacy of a brand’s identity, and can do so with a professional and strategic design that is custom created for your business. The Finn and Gray creative studio is ready  to design your vision to life… and that’s just the beginning!