26 Excellent Brand Examples of Instagram Stop Motions

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Stop motions are a great way to engage your audience on Instagram. Between Instagram Reels, TikToks, YouTube shorts, and general video memes, stop motion and gifs are a perfect motion piece without requiring too much thought, storyboarding, and post-production. Here are 26 excellent examples to spark your imagination!​


Aloha Collection

It’s always fun to use food as a prop in stop motions. 

PRO TIP: Make sure any food that has greasy residue doesn’t leave marks on the paper or background as editing that out in post-production is time-consuming!

To save on budget, your stop motion can be simple as clipping 5-10 photos together to capture the story.

If you want stop motions for your brand but have no time to dedicate to the project or are lacking ideas, Finn & Gray is your stop motion wingman. 😊 By working with Finn & Gray to create a custom stop motion for your brand, you will get a fully custom piece that you can use in social media, email newsletters, website, landing pages, and more!

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