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A creative agency with design + web + photography all under one roof.

Bad design is costing you business

Does this sound familiar?

Why Finn & Gray?

We are YOUR wingman.

We come alongside to make sure you look good and get a second date with your customers.

The A-Team every time.

Other agencies have multiple teams working on your creative. When you work with Finn & Gray you get Ami and Amanda. And our unique perspective.

Creativity doesn’t trump results.

Impress your boss with our smart and strategic work. We strive to make your creative touch points work harder to drive your business and goals.

Work should be fun!

We are fun to work with and that should be important to people 🙂


The Fail-Proof Process

Who has time for a 100 steps - we keep things simple.


Our creative brief and planning process sets-up all projects for success.


This is where the magic happens. From photoshoots to designing, we are in flow.


We wrap everything up like a finely woven tapestry and hand it off to you!